Five investments Zarach has made to handle e-Commerce shipments into and out of the United States.

As shopping and distribution patterns change, the move to e-Commerce is one that logistics companies must be capable of handling. At Edward J. Zarach & Associates, we have been building our e-Commerce handling capability and are taking steps to further enhance our service offerings from shippers and our global network partners here in the United States. Here are the five things that Zarach has done to position ourselves as an e-Commerce leader for shippers and global logistics partners.

1) Edward J. Zarach & Associates joined the WCA e-Commerce network.

The WCA family of networks encompasses both general and specialty networks. The newest network of the group is the e-Commerce network and is focused on companies who provide services to support logistics companies and e-Commerce businesses worldwide. The WCA was named by Alibaba as a partner in helping to support their mission of supporting their e-Commerce business. Members of the e-Commerce network have the ability to use neutral technology tools across a global network of partners to do B2B and B2C business worldwide.

2) Edward J. Zarach & Associates offers warehousing and Customs brokerage across the United States.

From our corporate headquarters in Chicago or from any of our other offices in Minneapolis, Reno, Boston or New York, Edward J. Zarach & Associates offers Customs brokerage for general and specialty commodities across all ports of entry in the United States. Our offices in these cities, coupled with our network of warehouses, enables us to do short and long term storage, kitting and both carton and piece level shipping from any of our designated facilities.

3) Edward J. Zarach & Associates offers last mile delivery.

Standard cargo moves between countries, cities and warehouses. Our company has partnered with local truckers, messengers, postal services and express couriers to provide last mile delivery at a variety of speeds. Whether next day or deferred, Edward J. Zarach & Associates provides last mile delivery for e-Commerce companies.

4) Edward J. Zarach & Associates offers vendor consolidation and deconsolidation services.

The greatest shipping savings is achieved through consolidation between points. Whether managing a shipper’s ocean consolidation comprised of multiple vendors and orders or an air shipment for transport and delivery to individual recipients, trust Edward J. Zarach & Associates to consolidate your e-Commerce shipments for import or export and delivery from buyers and sellers worldwide.

5) Edward J. Zarach & Associates offers piece-level visibility through our WMS.

There are multiple e-Commerce order taking and shipping solutions out there and regardless of which one a shipper is using, our system can connect and receive orders for shipping. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is fed with inventory information from our freight forwarding and Customs brokerage systems, providing individual SKU and carton quantities that are on hand with visibility into stock levels and shipping quantities. From our WMS, clients can access on-hand inventory, ship orders and track orders to their final destination.

I’ll be in Miami in just a few short weeks attending the WCA e-Commerce conference and meeting with global partners who share our philosophy and service standards. If your company is an e-Commerce shipper or is looking for an e-Commerce partner, get in touch and our team will be happy to discuss our capabilities in greater detail and provide a quotation for e-Commerce logistics services.