Edward J. Zarach & Assoc. Employee Spotlight: Raymond Langevin

Edward J. Zarach and Associates prides itself on our outstanding team as we can only ever be as great as our employees. For our first employee spotlight, we’d like to introduce our readers to our Senior Import Compliance Manager, Raymond Langevin, a licensed customs broker working predominately in our Minneapolis office. He joined the Zarach team in August 2015 after gaining his broker’s license.

Raymond works in the Minneapolis office coordinating with shippers and importers to ensure compliance. He works with the entry writers in Chicago checking that they’re using the most compliant means for their imports. Specializing in complex alcoholic shipments and FDA procedures often working with clients to advise on long term compliance amid a myriad of ever-evolving regulations. Raymond often works as a government liaison, auditing commodities to make sure anti-dumping compliance is enforced and shipments are imported without fees, delays, or overpayment of duties. Dumping is a process where a company exports a product at a price lower than the price it normally charges on its own home market and an anti-dumping duty is a protectionist tariff imposed on imports believed to be priced below fair market value.

“The hardest thing about my job is delivering bad news. Things can go wrong in customs and it usually involves fines and delays. Telling my customers about this is never easy and every shipment for me is mission critical. It can be high stress and long hours but the rewards are totally worth it. When things go right you feel just like a superhero. In this industry you get feedback whether you want it or not and it motivates me to see the immediate results of our work. Working at Zarach we get direct access to supervisors and they take our suggestions seriously. It feels good to know your employer values your opinion and is willing to truly hear you when you have an idea or a concern. [The team at Zarach] doesn’t let us forget the value we have and in turn we always try to treat our customers the same way. Edward J. Zarach and Associates leads by example and feels the workforce is the most important tool therfore, they pay close attention to how implementation will affect the workers.”

A Michigan native and a graduate of the Michigan State University, Raymond may have taken the most circuitous route into the logistics profession. With a bachelor of science, he majored in fisheries and wildlife management hoping to eventually manage saltwater fisheries and the biological effects on marine biology. After college he trained at the University of Alaska before he began working aboard the F/T ARICA, a catcher processor vessel out of Dutch Harbor in the Bering Sea. He recorded data on catches, ranges, and depths as an independent contractor and reported those findings back to the National Marine Fishery Services, under NOAA, to avoid data bias. Though most of his education and training had warned him he could spend his entire career without seeing a marine mammal, on his first day the vessel caught a 900lb sea lion that was trapped in the nets. Raymond then had to catalog and partially dissect the animal right on the deck to notate the event, all the while avoiding both the blood which might contain parasites and being crushed in the process.

In 2007, Raymond decided to hang up his deck shoes and accepted his uncle’s offer to join the logistics profession as an entry writer. He took a short sabbatical from entry writing to return to Michigan to care for his partner’s grandparents on their working farm. He returned to entry writing while studying to obtain his broker’s license and finally found his way to our Chicago team in 2015 as a fully licensed customs broker. In a chance moment, he jumped on an offhanded opportunity arising in Minnesota.

“While at work in the Chicago office I overheard Darryl and Allan talking behind me about the MSP office and jokingly asking no one in particular “Does anyone want to move to MSP?”  I jumped up and said I would love to move to MSP.  Several weeks later they asked me directly if I was serious about wanting to move and I said yes.  I made the move to the MSP office in mid-March 2016.”

Raymond and his partner plan to remain in Minneapolis long-term as they enjoy the benefits of a having strong neighborhood roots in a small city, lush with culture and energy and overflowing with friends who join them for weekly old movies at a local independent theater and “Soup Monday” community dinners.