Employee Spotlight: Marcela Schaub

After almost four decades in the logistics profession, Marcela Schaub knows the industry like the back of her hand. Starting in export in the late 1970’s, she’s worked in almost every facet, mastered almost every job, and applies the same tenacity to her current position as Vice President with Edward J. Zarach & Associates. Her mantra of flexible perseverance is a perfect summation of what it takes to be successful in an ever-evolving career. “If you’re not flexible and persevering you’ll never make it in this business.”

An adventurer at heart, Marcela began her career as a travel agent but left in 1974 to take a part time job when her best friend informed her of a position that came available in ocean export. The fit was instantaneous and she worked throughout the company and industry in various positions from imports to a trading house to air freight and finally compliance. Her ability to adapt her skills and understand the complex nuance of logistics catapulted her to become first a National Vice President of Customs for Celadon Jacky Maeder and then the Director of North American Fashion at Panalpina. While she found much success, the breakneck pace of fashion eventually began to wear on her over the years and she began seeking a new position with more flexibility and creativity in a smaller office.

“I want to build something great from the ground up. Larger multi-national companies are perfect for learning and specializing, but if you want to get into the ideas, deep into the potential of building logistic solutions, a smaller place is where the dream lives,” she explains, noting that she herself is a glass-half-full person. “I enjoy finding a comprehensive solution to total success. I want to be part of change, of growth.”

In her spare time, this Argentinean born dynamo enjoys flying with her husband, Rene who has his pilot’s license and living on the shore, having left the frantic Manhattan pace behind. Married 22 years to a kindred spirit and fellow logistician workaholic, she is a voracious reader who enjoys opera, cooking, traveling and yes, as always, working hard to create something outstanding.

Photo Credit: Marcela Schaub, during an excursion around the city while Rene piloted.