Edward J. Zarach & Associates proudly announces Richard Kenyon joined our team in New York.

“Richard will work out of our New York office and will be responsible for overseeing our current offices as well as our future growth plans for Miami and Atlanta. Richard joins us after a successful career with ECU Lines and brings a broad level of experience in the logistics business to our company.”

Allan Zarach, Executive Vice President

Richard joined the freight forwarding industry in 1989, entering a two-year apprenticeship program with Samson Transport (DSV). He began handling European trailer services and progressed to air export and sales positions in both London and Manchester. 

He was transferred to DSV Los Angeles in 1994 to handle air export but quickly progressed to a sales executive position. He then joined SBS Worldwide as Vice President of Media. During this time, he built SBS into one of the media’s most recognized logistics companies.

After his tenure with DSV, Richard moved to Scan Shipping as General Manager. He spent three years growing the office when ECU Line brought him on as their Regional Manager for the ea coast st. Richard then spent the next two years at ECU Line.

Richard is a firm believer that people are the product. Investing time, support and promoting growth in employees is ultimately what leads to positive experiences. He believes in being customer-centric in terms of anticipating, determining, and delivering customer solutions.