Coronavirus update

With passenger flights cancelled, borders closing and much of the country practicing social distancing, the logistics industry is in a precarious place. Equipment imbalances demand creative solutions and new ways of thinking to navigate. Here at Edward J. Zarach & Associates, our team is still hard at work both in the office, where we stringently follow the CDC guidelines and remain more than 6 feet apart, and remotely whenever possible. It is our goal to keep our team safe and your cargo secure.

Airlines have been suspending passenger flights for more than a week and this action dramatically reduces the belly cargo capacity that many shippers depend upon. Without belly capacity, air charters are soaring and capacity on all-cargo freighters is almost non-existent. This has led some airlines to use passenger planes to move all of the cargo and none of the people.

Trucking in both the US and Europe is moving steady despite border closures and quarantines to keep store shelves stocked. The restriction of travel between countries has been carefully implemented to maintain the transport ability of shippers while trying to flatten the curve of the virus as it impacts the population.

China’s recovery, signaled by their return to work and production helps ensure US supplies will remain steady. As more states enact time, place, and manner restrictions on the public in an effort to slow the spread of the virus, we’re all cautiously working as safely as possible, enabling remote options and cleanliness protocols as directed.

We understand our clients have concerns about the status of businesses and we want to reassure everyone that Edward J. Zarach & Associates will remain open and working. We’re also happy to have Skype calls or Zoom meetings if there’s something you’d like to discuss face to face but cannot meet in person. We pride ourselves on developing creative solutions to complicated cargo problems, and this is one of the most complicated problems our industry has faced. By utilizing technology and a dash of common sense, we’re able to keep working to the best of our abilities. Reach out to your representative with concerns or needs and we will do our best to accommodate them during this time.