Richard Kenyon – Zarach Employee Spotlight

Richard Kenyon came to Edward J. Zarach & Associates in September of 2019 from a lifetime spent in logistics. Growing up in Manchester, UK Richard planned to enter the army after college, but he took a summer job at a freight forwarder and realized that he’d found his passion. Through the following years, Richard specialized in almost every aspect of operations and sales, including working in warehouses, driving trucks to collect freight, importing cargo into a non-EU United Kingdom, and sales and operations branch management. This intense level of cross training bestowed on him a breadth of knowledge that gives him a competitive edge as a leader in this industry.

“I don’t ask anyone to do anything I haven’t done or that I would not be prepared to do myself.  Doing it all was paramount to me when I was learning. As a manager, I try to identify any issues that can impede the success of our people and find a creative solution to facilitate their growth. When you have an intimate knowledge of the tasks you can better support your people. Our business is our people; they are who I invest myself into”

His people first philosophy fits well within the Edward J. Zarach & Associates structure, a work family approach with some seasoned corporate efficiency and training mixed in. Large global corporations have resources for their staff that can be lacking in a smaller, private company. At Edward J. Zarach & Associates, he can deliver those resources while ensuring each client receives the personal service that sets Zarach apart.

“Our people need to have measurable goals and engaged leadership. When you provide proper support and your staff is fulfilled at the office, your clients sense a team member’s smile and feel that level of care and they come back. This business is not a hit and run mission and isn’t about one or two shipments; it thrives on the long relationships that are built by trust, honesty, and enthusiasm. A motivated staff is why clients return year after year.”

Richard met Ed Zarach through industry events while working as General Manager of an east coast neutral consolidator and they struck up a friendship based on their team values and work ethic. Arriving in the United States with $500 in his pocket and a single suitcase, Richard first worked in Los Angeles in operations to learn about selling to a US market and the differences from sales in the UK. This attention to detail and his willingness to keep honing his skills helped him understand the market and find success in almost every logistics facet. His passion for the work is evident in his successes.

“As a kid growing up in Manchester, I had a more narrow view of the world but freight forwarding opened that up. There’s no other industry where you can meet and work alongside such diversity. As a young person I was drawn to that global community and it felt important to have a global impact on people, instead of just the local one. You can do the most good when you have the most reach.”

When he’s not at the office, Richard enjoys spending time with his wife, whom he met when she was a sales rep for Hapag Lloyd and called on his company in Los Angeles, and his twin daughters. He’s an unabashed fan of Manchester United football club and even in his time off enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures.