Mother’s Day reinvigorates florists

Social distancing has made the springtime holidays all the more important and more difficult as families remain separated for their health and safety. Because they can’t be together on Mother’s Day, many have started sending gifts and flowers to show their love. While Easter and Passover flowers were lackluster due to people concentrating on buying only essential items, cut fresh flower sales were up from $2.01 billion in 2019 to $2.10 billion in 2020 for Mother’s Day. Mother’s day is the second most popular holiday for flowers after Valentine’s Day, and third in actual dollars sold behind Valentine’s Day and Christmas holidays. One-quarter of all flowers sold per year are sold for Mother’s Day and 80% of those flowers are fresh-cut blooms.

With many states having varying degrees of shelter-in-place laws currently in effect or recently ended, florists have had to be creative with their sales. Some have turned to drive-through service while others opened just in time, though in a reduced capacity, to serve the needs of shoppers. However they’ve decided to serve the community, florists are getting a huge bump at a time it’s desperately needed. Summer is a slow time for floral sales and the wedding season has been almost non-existent this spring, leading Amsterdam to dispose of 140 million Dutch tulips that couldn’t be shipped or sold. Unlike the earlier holidays, many florists found themselves sold out of flowers before Mother’s Day.

The post-coronavirus world already looks different. As we start to determine how to re-open safely and get back to what will become our new normal, it’s encouraging to see flower sales climbing for myriad reasons. The social-distancing measures that many families are living through left few options for celebrating holidays other than sending flowers in the case of Mother’s Day. We’re starting to move on from classifying things as essential or non-essential and working out ways for all industry to ramp up based on demand and safety.

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