Zarach’s XLERATE is your solution!

As news of the third quarter blanked sailings continues to come in and we hear more information about air capacity tightening with rates climbing, your team at Edward J. Zarach & Associates has a possible solution for your cargo needs in our XLERATE LCL import service. XLERATE offers an express CFS to CFS service from China with a fixed-day arrival that allows you to control your final mile delivery while offering an expedited and reliable LCL ocean service with a simplified rate format. We have the fastest transit time in the market for ocean freight to Los Angeles with expedited transfers to bonded warehouse locations across the United States.

Blanked sailings are intentionally skipped port stops to decrease the supply of space and bolster rates in ocean freight to maintain levels necessary to continue to operate. With demand lower after the COVID-19 outbreak and consumer spending reductions from shut downs, ocean freight is being blanked by many major carriers based on the forecasted demand in the third quarter. This practice causes delays for cargo that is headed to a destination that’s been blanked and prevents repositioning of empty containers where equipment is scarce.

Our LCL import XLERATE service offers an expedited service, faster than standard ocean, cheaper than air freight, with a price* that includes:

  • Ocean Freight from Origin Port to Los Angeles
  • Pier Pass, Chassis, Clean Truck , Chassis Split
  • All Los Angeles Warehouse/ CFS Fees
  • In Bond (IT) Fees
  • All express trucking rate including fuel surcharge from Los Angeles to destination city
  • All Destination Warehouse/CFS charges 
  • Includes cost of pallet for cargo loaded lose in Shanghai.
  • Destination CFS charges included

Our XLERATE service includes nine destinations in the USA from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, or Shanghai:

  • Los Angeles
  • Dallas
  • Memphis
  • Houston
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Newark
  • Orlando               
  • Tampa
  • Miami

If you’re looking for the best, fastest service for LCL import cargo, you can discuss the rates and options Edward J. Zarach & Associates has in our XLERATE service by contacting your representative or emailing

* Rate per kilo excludes: Customs Entry, Import Duty, HMF, MPF or other charges payable to US Customs, Delivery from destination city warehouse to final delivery address & Insurance