Paid 301 China duties on Lists 3 or 4a?

File with the CIT by September 18th to protect your rights to a full refund.

A recent lawsuit brought against the Office of the US Trade Representative and Customs and Border Protection by a vinyl tile supplier seeks a refund of all Section 301 duties paid on Lists 3 and 4a.

The crux of the suit claims that the List 3 and 4a tariffs were retaliatory in nature and not remedies to unfair trade practices – a requirement of the Section 301 trade remedies. Though initially set to counter China’s intellectual property theft, further tariffs, including List 3 and 4 were not part of the USTR’s original finding and came about only after China applied tariffs against the US as trade tensions escalated.

If you are an importer and have paid duties on Section 301 goods from List 3 or 4a, you may be entitled to a complete refund, but the deadline to file with the Court of International Trade is only 72 hours away and must be done by Friday, September 18th.

Edward J. Zarach & Associates recommends you contact your Customs attorney immediately for advice and counsel. If you do not have designated counsel, we are happy to provide you with several recommendations.