Agency & Regulatory Updates

A great deal of agency and regulatory news has been circulated since September as more deadlines appear and pass with new compliance standards attached. Most crucial, this year, as an even-numbered year, requires food facilities that are certified by the FDA to renew their registration at some point from October 1st through December 31st. If you’re stressed about your FDA registration, your Edward J. Zarach & Associates representative has you covered. We can advise and assist so that you can easily prepare to renew before the end of the year.    

Another important update comes to us via NOAA Fisheries who announced a new importers list, SIMP   (Seafood Import Monitoring Program) Compliant Importers List as a further tracing program for aquaculture regarding thirteen species that are most vulnerable to fraud, requiring importers to keep strict records and reports. The SIMP Compliant Importers list has no inclusion costs for importers and allows for less frequent audits for importers with a solid compliance record. If you’d like to be included on this list, your Zarach representative can assist you with the application. If your compliance record needs improvement, we can offer an audit and advisement on how to improve your processes to remain in compliance and achieve placement on this list.

Further seafood and compliance news come from the FDA’s final determination that the Netherlands and Spain have a system of food safety control methods for raw bivalve mollusks and shellfish that meets the U.S. standards of sanitation and will allow importation into the US from those locations if they’re listed on the Interstate Certified Shellfish Shippers List.

Customs has published a new regulatory rule in regards to steel licenses.  CSMS# 44205882 states that starting on October 13 the steel license platform now requires applicants to provide information about the country of melt and pour on all standard licenses from all countries.

Because compliance news comes out fast and furious, we think it’s critical that our audience is kept up to date on the most important issues that impact your business. Not every update is pertinent to each client, but if you have concerns about remaining compliance on a single issue or if you need guidance to update your business, Edward J. Zarach & Associates can work with you to customize a plan of solutions to fit your situation and budget.