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As a leader in the perishables logistics sector, Zarach is proud to be attending this year’s Seafood Expo North America, revolutionizing how seafood is transported and handled across the globe. With over four decades of expertise, we’ve become synonymous with reliability, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality. At Zarach, we’re not just participating; we’re setting the standard, offering comprehensive, tech-enabled logistics solutions that ensure your seafood remains impeccably fresh from ocean to table. Join us as we dive into the depth of freshness, sustainability, and excellence at the heart of the seafood industry, demonstrating our pivotal role in shaping the future of perishables logistics.

Our Legacy of Freshness

Dive deep into Zarach’s heritage, where our pioneering door-to-door, freezer-to-freezer service has perfected preserving seafood freshness from origin to destination for over four decades.

Mastery in Forwarding and Brokerage

Experience seamless forwarding and brokerage with Zarach. Our bespoke solutions simplify logistics and customs for your seafood’s smooth journey.

Comprehensive Perishables Handling

Beyond seafood, Zarach offers expert logistics for all perishables, treating each item with decades of care, and ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.

Technology and Traceability

Leverage Zarach’s tech-enabled solutions for real-time tracking and traceability, enhancing freshness and building trust throughout the supply chain.

Join the Zarach Legacy

Partner with Zarach and become part of a legacy that promises growth, excellence, and a commitment to freshness and quality spanning over four decades.


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