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The global container shipping landscape faces a stormy path in an era of unprecedented market fluctuations and unpredictable challenges. Drewry’s most recent container forecast paints a somber picture, hinting at substantial industry challenges and prompting carriers and businesses to gear up for turbulent times ahead. It’s not all doom and gloom as we move into the holiday season as the world’s economy is still moving along. The slowdown, though serious, should be a short lived situation that still represents market tremors after the quaking pandemic economy. 

  • Balancing Rates Above Costs: The current imbalance between supply and demand is obvious. The Drewry global supply-demand index is predicted to nosedive, with supply growth outpacing demand growth significantly. According to Mr. Heaney, carriers are racing against time to maintain rates above operational costs. He posits that carriers have faltered in their capacity management and, despite potential solutions such as vessel demolitions and blanking more sailings, the necessary measures might be “too big to pull off.” Should they indeed be too big, time will see excess inventory used up and shipments will return to balance.
  • The Vessel Challenge: Even as carriers align their fleets with environmental regulations, the inertia in phasing out older vessels is evident. This slow response is exerting massive pressure on the industry, with demolitions predicted to experience a monumental rise from 115,000 TEU this year to 600,000 TEU in the upcoming one. The fewer containers does help boost the speed with which cargo can move as empties aren’t taking up valuable space at ports. With blanked sailings becoming more common, the reduction in vessels will further balance available capacity ahead of stabilization.
  • GDP and Container Volumes: Historically, downturns in port throughput were swiftly countered, as witnessed in 2009 and 2020. However, Drewry’s insights indicate that this resilience might be absent in the years to come, terming 2022-2023 as the prolonged aftermath of uninhibited spending on new tonnage. According to Drewry, this disconnect between GDP growth and container volumes exemplifies the industry’s unpredictable nature. Through regular updates, workshops, and consultations, Zarach ensures that businesses remain informed, adaptive, and ready for the future.


While the container shipping landscape might be uncertain, aligning with a trusted partner like Zarach ensures smoother sailing. With their expertise, tools, and commitment, Zarach stands as a beacon for businesses navigating these turbulent waters, offering solutions that address challenges and harness opportunities. Now is the best time to make your plans and secure the services you need ahead of time. Reach out to your representative for more information on the opportunities we’ll see in 2024 and let’s plan something big.