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Another storm moving through the gulf states has slowed trucking and put pressure on the little remaining capacity. When natural disasters strike, trucks are on the road almost immediately delivering urgent supplies and carrying off road-blocking debris. When fleets are mobilized, it takes a clever, experienced logistics expert to keep your cargo moving around impacted areas. 


Disruption in the logistics market has been the most consistent story this year as delays in the ocean freight ports impacted the rail services, airports, and warehouse space. Trucking wasn’t spared either as a desert of drivers and equipment shortages compounded the weather issues occurring – sometimes in several areas at the same time. Hours of service rule changes can happen suddenly; road closures can divert entire teams of drivers from direct routes; and double trouble from high winds combined with fires, flooding and debris from hurricanes, and snow, ice, rain combinations during winters. 


The most powerful weapon we have against the issues we’re facing is to plan ahead of time, every time. It’s our priority to use every moment of advance notice to make alternative arrangements wherever necessary to protect our customer’s timelines. Our ability to remain in contact with the broad network of partners and carriers we support provides a backup for customers who have cargo in affected areas. When the weather turns nasty, shippers need a team of experienced transportation experts taking care of their planning. 


Whether you have to look into alternative routes or tweak your supply chain to avoid the most deeply delayed ports, your team at Edward J. Zarach & Associates has been working the past year to develop and deploy creative solutions to boost efficiency and offer valuable options to shippers who can’t keep waiting for the supply chain to settle down. 


If you want to be proactive against disasters in Q4 and protect the timeliness of your cargo, reach out to your Edward J. Zarach & Associates representative and let us show you how we keep on trucking!