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If you don’t have a DUNS number, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can cancel your facility registration and create lengthy delays. Every facility should have a unique facility identifier (UFI) called a DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System) – an easily identifiable and standardized way for the FDA to recognize facilities. Your DUNS number and other information must match the FDA database exactly and we strongly recommend having all pertinent information ready before beginning any imports. From the FDA: 


FDA Now Enforcing DUNS Number Requirement for Food Facility Registrations


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now enforcing the requirement that every Food Facility Registration (FFR) have a valid Unique Facility Identifier (UFI), or DUNS number. While the enforcement officially began Jan. 1, the agency provided a 60-day grace period before they began to verify that the facility associated with the DUNS number matches the facility associated with the Food Facility Registration.


The grace period is now over. FDA will be contacting importers if the DUNS number does not match the facility location for the Food Facility Registration.


What Do I Do If My DUNS Number Is Not Accepted?


Step One: Is the food facility registration completed correctly?

Carefully review each section of the registration to ensure that the right information was provided. For example, Section 2 should contain the complete legal name of the facility subject to the registration. The address should be the exact physical address of the facility associated with the registration. Do not provide a preferred mailing address in this section. Do not provide the address of the company Headquarters.


Step Two: Is the DUNS number provided for the correct company and address? Check here.


  •         Watch out for “Co” versus “Company,” or use of the trade name instead of the legal name.


  •         If the name and address is correct in DUNS database, this should match the Food Facility Registration Section 2.


My FFR Was Cancelled! What Do I Do Now?


Do NOT re-register your facility!! Instead, to reinstate your Food Facility Registration, follow these steps:


Step One: Obtain an accurate DUNS number (or confirm that your DUNS number is accurate for the specific facility location you’re seeking to register) by going here. If Dun & Bradstreet’s response is not complete, it can be forwarded to for a secondary review. Include an explanation of your original request, such as, “address update because facility relocated.”


Step Two: Request FDA to confirm your FFR and DUNS number by emailing


In the Subject line: UFI accuracy verification

In the Body of the email, provide:

FFR number

DUNS number

FFR Section 2 facility name

FFR Section 2 facility address, city, state, zip code


Pointers from FDA:

  •         The No. 1 reason the Unique Facility Identifier (DUNS number) is not accurate: The DUNS Number is associated with a different location, such as the company headquarters.


  •         The No. 2 reason the DUNS number is not accurate: Section 2 of the Food Facility Registration does not include the complete legal name of the company or identifiers are added to the name, e.g. Rachel’s Bakery LLC – warehouse. No identifiers should be added.


  •         The No. 3 reason the DUNS number is not accurate: The FFR Section 2 address has too many variations from the DUNS information, such as:


123 Main Street vs. 123 Main Street, Ste 100

Phila vs. Philadelphia

Here is a recent slide presentation from the FDA for your use.



Your team at Edward J. Zarach & Associates has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the complexities of federal regulations in this ever-changing logistical landscape. Our global partnership provides you a full suite of services and information from a worldwide network of experts to help improve the efficiency of your supply chain and avoid costly delays and fines. 


Don’t fall in the proverbial traps of waiting too long to register and the resulting cancellation. Remember to find or register for your nine-digit DUNS number today. If you need assistance planning your imports or learning more about what’s required for your FDA licensed food facility, contact your Zarach representative as soon as possible.