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The logistics industry is a behemoth of different people, services, industries and networks, all working together to support every facet of international trade and the supply chain. Maintaining relationships, staying on top of emerging trends and technologies, and meeting the present and future thought leaders of our industry often takes us out of the office. For the 2023 PSA Partner and Client Networking Conference in Las Vegas, our goal was to learn about third party logistics products that integrate with our TMS system CargoWise, and network with those partners. 

Automation has also been top of mind lately as we learn more about how we can apply new technologies to our services. We were grateful to see a few new AI-focused systems being developed. One of the best parts of attending this event was seeing what improvements are out there and their trajectory. Edward J. Zarach & Associates works diligently to ensure we have the proper training, education, and preparation to adapt to new systems that help us better serve our clients. 

While logistics has generally been slow to adapt technologically, over the past few years it has really accelerated. Seeing the different tools and visibility platforms available these days shows just how great a need there is to gather and analyze supply chain data for every customer. Former CEO of UTI, Gene Ochi, also gave an incredible presentation on entrepreneurship from a logistics perspective.

As this was Allan’s and my first time attending PSA, we finally got to meet people we’ve been talking to online over the years and see some great new products for our visibility platform. I do wish there had been more time for one-on-one questions for some of the products and services available, but we’d need a week to meet and get to know all of the attendees, exhibitors, and speakers. But we know there is clear demand for forwarders to provide as much data visibility as possible and we need to keep searching for options that best fit our customers’ needs. This won’t be our last conference, or our last PSA, because providing unparalleled service is the Zarach mission. 

If you want to know more about the services we offer and the difference you feel doing business with a logistics partner who invests deeply in the services their clients want most, contact your Zarach representative today.