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The Lacey Act Phase VII update is coming up after the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) reviews the HTS numbers to finalize the list of impacted plant products. Initially passed in 1900, the Lacey Act is an anti-trafficking bill aimed at wildlife, plants, and fish, which the 2008 Farm Bill expanded to cover a broader range of plants. According to the USDA Lacey Act Phase VII FAQs. “Lacey Act declarations will be required for all remaining Lacey Act plant product Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes that are not 100-percent composite materials.”Lacey Act


When most people think of plant life, they picture flowers and house plants so it may not immediately register that trees and wood are included in this regulation. Wood and everything made from wood is governed by this law, including how paper products are classified. We strongly recommend an in-depth assessment if you have any questions about your individual products.

If your cargo includes plant products or other Lacey Act products, we at Edward J. Zarach & Associates encourage you to learn more about the Phase VII update. Even if shipments didn’t require a declaration previously, they will likely be required to file one after the implementation. We’re on hand to help you navigate the update if you have any questions or concerns. 


Required declarations ensure imported plant products were legally harvested and unlinked to deforestation, terrorism, political upheaval, or other methods of illegal trade. To determine whether your cargo needs a declaration, APHIS created a helpful flow chart. While APHIS is still deciding which HTS numbers will be added in Phase VII, the current list can be found here.  


Despite the complexity, ignorance and confusion are not viable reasons for violating the Lacey Act. Violations can lead to massive fines and even, in some cases, jail time. It is never the right time to play fast and loose with the law, and having the education and knowledge to ensure your cargo stays in compliance is what Zarach does best. Our decades of service have enabled us to provide clients with an unparalleled understanding of regulatory changes so they can stay compliant and ahead of problems. For a trusted and experienced logistics partner, contact Edward J. Zarach & Associates today.