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Complications in the trucking market are contributing to instability and clouding the outlook for 2024. From rising fuel prices and weaker demand to an influx of trucks and drivers who took up the keys during the pandemic. The supply snarls we saw last year have cleared, leaving an LTL market with rates at an all time high. In addition, FTL prices continue to level out, leaving trucking companies with lower profits and higher costs which will invariably lead to capacity changes, as the excess trucks descend onto busier lanes. 


The imbalance becomes eerily reminiscent of the frantic repositioning of containers that occurred before and during the pandemic. When the supply centralizes, capacity will intially dry up in the area until reinforcements arrive to carry the loads. And the reinforcements are plentiful right now. Getting them to the right place at the right time, is another story entirely.


This is the exact position the trucking market is moving through. During the pandemic, the plight of too few drivers and too much cargo inspired many to get on the road. With companies laying people off and stores closing, many decided to get a CDL and become part of the solution. 


In the wake of these challenges, carriers need to hone their focus on efficiency and customer-centric solutions. In contrast, shippers might find the need to exhibit greater flexibility in their schedules.


We at Zarach endorse a proactive approach, encouraging businesses to equip themselves with strategies to dampen the downturn’s effects, preparing to meet the challenges that the coming months might unveil.


Difficult times call for planning, flexibility, and transparency. Making Edward J. Zarach & Associates your logistics partner puts an experienced driver behind the wheel of your cargo. After four decades of service, we’ve honed our ability to proactively manage your cargo no matter what the future brings. 


Whether you’re looking for trucking solutions for distribution and final mile, or you need to plan a contingency supply chain to safeguard your manufacturing schedules, the representatives at Zarach can offer customized solutions for every cargo conundrum. Our offerings span a wide spectrum, including:


  • International freight forwarding
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Local and long-distance trucking
  • Consultative and professional services

For a closer look at the strategies to navigate the freight market downturn, contact your Edward J. Zarach & Associates representative.