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Supply Chain
China on Lockdown
Once again, the supply chain is watching China and the zero-COVID policy that slowed transportation to a crawl earlier this year. Currently, only Ningbo is experiencing severe disruption, but as more cases in Shanghai come back positive and more areas in the city are locked down, the delays will likely compound and hit hard. It’s...
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Unions Authorized: Railroad Strike on the Line
After a thirty-day cooling-off period between the railroad unions, the current labor contract will expire at 12:01 AM ET on Friday, September 16th. Though it’s a good sign that ten of twelve unions have already reached a tentative agreement, the two largest – the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen and the International Association of...
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Peak Season
The usual fluctuations in the logistics market are typically cyclical throughout the year, especially in years with minimal fluctuations and no elections. In those standard years, peak season is a clearly defined section of the year when massive quantities of cargo depart from manufacturers and warehouses to journey toward the retailers gearing up for the...
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Chassis Shortage Summer
A number of different factors came together to create a shortage of chassis this summer, including trade issues that were implemented as retaliation against China as far back as early 2020. Alongside the pandemic, record levels of imports and shortages of warehouse space kept chassis at local warehouses under the containers as they were used...
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Railroad supply chain
Rail services are backed up across the United States. It would be a simple enough matter to blame the port congestion for this cargo bottleneck, but our rail system infrastructure began failing before these supply chain woes. Although, overloaded ports don’t help, considering we’re short on engines, equipment, and personnel. This isn’t a matter of...
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