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Tariffs are back in the news, arriving in a Delorean from 2018. In the sort of news we haven’t seen recently, United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai announced a public comment period to help determine whether to reinstate exclusions on 549 import categories from China. The comment period starts today and runs until December 1, 2021. These exclusions had been extended previously during the previous administration after tit-for-tat tariff hikes plagued the USTR. The public comment period is a critical measure that listens to the actual voices of importers who are directly affected by the exclusion. 


This chance enables importers to explain their request with real-world examples to showcase the need for relief from tariffs, especially when the manufacturing country is the lone producer of that product or the importation of which from another country could cause undue hardship on the consumer. USTR Tai will also be negotiating with the Chinese trade representatives to work out an agreement – one where both parties can meet the needs of their citizens without taking advantage of the other. 


Not only are importers invited to comment, but producers of goods listed in the import categories are also encouraged to make a statement regarding the impact these tariffs have on their interests. If you’re a manufacturer or work with a domestic producer, this is a chance to detail any harm that comes from similar imported goods that drive sales from your company. 

A copy of the comment data request form is available right now. We at Edward J. Zarach & Associates would be happy to discuss the products and details with interested parties. We believe that making our voices heard is the fastest way to impact policy decisions and ensure the government is protecting the interests of our local commerce. If you’d like guidance, assistance, or advocacy during the comment process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Zarach representative.