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One thing we are incredibly proud of at Edward J. Zarach & Associates is the number of associates, clients, friends, and family who have asked us for our advice on sending donations and support to the impacted communities of Syria and Turkey after a massive earthquake killed tens of thousands. 


Transportation companies have been scrambling to mobilize and work with regulatory agencies to ensure supplies can enter Syria. This sanctioned area is also considered a war zone and suffers under stringent rules regarding imports. With a 180-day authorization allowing earthquake relief to enter, many companies are preparing to manage the logistics of natural disaster aid. 


One example is from Lufthansa. Now offering transportation for donated packages up to 20kg, people can drop them off at any of the 7500 DPD stores in Germany for free shipping to the impacted region. 


The World Cargo Alliance (WCA), of which our company is a member, is busy coordinating with participating companies to administer aid to the area. 


The Red Cross, Save the Children, Syrian American Medical Society Foundation, and The Center of Disaster Philosophy all offer great resources for donations through reputable organizations. However, we urge you to always be careful with any charitable giving and bookmark the website Charity Navigator to gauge for yourself how the particular organizations structure their financial and fundraising donations. 


Cargo based in or around the center of the event will continue to be disrupted but as more cargo moves in to help the conditions, the faster we can get the area back up to speed. It’s important to consider that when there is a calamity that impacts a port, not only is the port and infrastructure upended; the damage extends to chassis, containers, reefer units, carriers, trucks, forklifts, and other machinery in and around the area. This puts pressure on the local supply chain to cover for the damaged and destroyed goods, bringing the closest goods into the zone so those heavy machinery options can help the local area clear debris and collapsed buildings. 


If you have cargo that’s been impacted by this event, your Zarach representative is here to help you navigate the situation. While it might be a poor time, it’s another reason we urge our clients to have adequate cargo insurance. If you have Mediterranean cargo that isn’t directly connected to the zone but might be delayed by the relief efforts, we at Zarach are working hard to get you answers and information. Contact us today if you want to learn more about the earthquake’s impact and how you can help.