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Last week we discussed the possibility of a rail strike hitting as we move into the holiday season, and intelligent shippers are talking to their logistics partners to determine what can be done to mitigate disruptions if a work stoppage occurs. Besides transportation solutions, customers need to be aware of warehousing and distribution options they can use to store, pick & pack, transload, or repackage their cargo. 


Not all cargo impacted by a rail strike will benefit from rerouting the transportation to trucks and domestic airlines. Sometimes, letting it wait out the disruption, safe in a warehouse is a better option. Inventory management decisions will need to be made with precision this season, and we can guide you through the process with our warehouse and distribution services. 


While warehouse space is currently at a premium, growing more expensive as it gets closer to air and sea ports, Edward J. Zarach & Associates has room for your cargo this holiday season. Whether you need long-term space, short-term stays, or something in the middle with a mix of options, we can put together an inventory management plan to fit your needs and provide you with the safety and security of cutting-edge technology and 24/7 monitoring. Combined with moment-by-moment inventory updates and tracking options, your cargo is taken care of every day of the year.


With the pandemic cargo congestion finally disbursing from the west coast ports, much of the loaded warehouse space should loosen up as fewer shippers rush to storage because of port issues. The strategic location of our national warehousing partners offers us a unique opportunity to serve customers across the country and in any market. If you’re looking at updating your logistics plan and moving ahead with proactive solutions for possible disruption, contact your Zarach representative for more information on how we can keep your cargo moving.