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The Panama Canal, a main artery of ocean cargo, is undergoing a severe drought, impacting daily vessel transits. As the global shipping community reacts to fewer passes and frequent revisions in available capacity through the channel, Zarach stands ready to provide expert logistics support, ensuring consistent and efficient cargo movement for our clients.


Adapting to the Panama Canal’s Changing Landscape:

Consistent reductions in the canal’s vessel draft during the drought and the number of available daily slots mean that companies must rethink their shipping strategies. Zarach is already on top of these developments, offering expertly crafted solutions that keep your cargo moving without delay.


Strategic Responses to Slot Reductions:

With booking slots becoming scarce and auctioned at premium prices, Zarach ensures clients can efficiently manage their logistics budget. Our team works with a global network of partners to secure the most cost-effective and timely options for your shipping needs. 


Bring Your Own Water

And it’s not just the available slots, it’s also the weight of the vessel (vessel draft) as carriers try to maximize vessel capacity though they have to restrict the weight carried so they can easily pass through the canal. Many carriers’ routes have transshipment points and at busy times, a container can get held up for a week or two. While we haven’t seen that yet, when the containers switch vessels, it may be due to weight restrictions at the canal. We try to predict which carriers offer the best combination of rates and the best service but this unpredictable obstacle makes it more challenging. Edward J. Zarach and Assoc. ask our shippers & importers to ship early to avoid any possible delays.


Forward-Looking Logistics Planning:

Anticipating further slot reductions by early 2024, Zarach is actively preparing for these changes. We focus on precision load management, ensuring that your supply chain goals stay within your budget and timeframe, even with lighter loads.


Zarach: A Partner for Today’s Trade Challenges:

Zarach’s commitment to logistics excellence is unwavering in these times of flux. We can easily handle these global shifts by adjusting to the canal’s new realities or exploring alternative shipping corridors.


We’re here to support your success every step of the way. Contact Zarach for a logistics partnership that keeps your business resilient and ready for tomorrow’s trade landscape.