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When historic rainfall hit British Columbia last month the weather wiped out roads and bridges, killed people and livestock, and forced evacuations as Vancouver became cut off from the outside due to flooding. Planning for contingencies is a critical part of any solid logistics plan, but even the most meticulous arrangements can fall to acts of nature and unforeseeable circumstances.


There will always be things we cannot predict and we are never in complete control where nature is concerned, but having a forwarder on your side who understands how to support your supply chain through the routine and calamitous without resulting in empty promises and apologies that blame everyone but take no responsibility and offer no solutions. 


Throughout the tumult in 2020 and 2021, we at Edward J. Zarach & Associates have devoted ourselves to learning with each development and planning ahead with acknowledgment to the unparalleled disruption during record import levels and an equipment imbalance that has never been seen before. It is our business to see the myriad ways in which a problem can arise and have those solutions ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. 


But, what happens when something happens that nobody can foresee let alone work around? 


Those situations offer us a valuable opportunity to study where issues happened and prepare for them in the unlikely event that they reoccur – after all, it’s only unprecedented the first time


We take that surprise and work with it until we have a suite of solutions ready to deploy. When there are innumerable surprises happening from one end of the supply chain to the other, that is when we dig in, dig deep and develop cutting edge solutions and options that take into account the various solutions we have, packaged around mitigating issues and defending our customers against delays and service disruptions. 


We can’t promise every shipment will see smooth sailing and friendly skies – anyone that tries to is lying – but we can promise that when you work alongside the experts at Zarach, you have decades of experience and knowledge working on your behalf to ensure your cargo arrives where it is needed and when it needs to be there. Contact your Zarach representative today and let’s discuss your 2022 plans!