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No longer can the logistics industry dawdle in their adoption of technology and automation. With every new client, the need to disseminate information with accuracy and speed grows. While many of the stories of automation are focused on improvements made at ports and terminals, there should be a spotlight on which forwarders are working hard to improve their technology offerings and simplify processes for their teams and clients. 


Over the last year, Edward J. Zarach & Associates has expanded its online capabilities by providing customers with updated online tracking and logistics analysis portals based on both real-time and aggregated historical data. One of the key aspects of this is the ability to receive shipment updates directly from carriers and automatically update our systems so our customers have a centralized location to view their shipments in near-real-time. This also provides our customers with greater visibility which is invaluable given today’s current logistics challenges. Our business intelligence suite empowers our customers with knowledge of current and past trends in transit times, costs, and other customizable data points that enable logistics teams to be proactive when making the next booking.


We all know that 2022 will be a year of growth and challenges, one that Edward J. Zarach & Associates will meet head-on. “Automate or die”, a quote often heard these days, is just as true to logistics as it is to any industry. We are continually making investments in RPA and AI so that when our customers grow and their logistics needs expand, we can scale with them quickly, efficiently, and perhaps most important these days, with as little interruption as possible. 


The next year will feature exponential growth in logistics and the automation we depend upon to stay competitive and we at Edward J. Zarach & Associates are ready to meet this moment and deliver exemplary customer service to our clients as they trust us with their cargo. If you want to know more about the technical improvements and how they translate into saving you time and money, contact your Zarach representative today.