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The United States Trade Representative has extended the Section 301 exclusions on eighty-one “COVID-related” items for another ninety days. After considering the public comments on how critical these products are in the fight against pandemic-related outbreaks, an extension was necessary. 


News of the Section 301 tariffs has quieted to a dull hum in the background of a logistics industry while recent stories about labor negotiations, falling rates, and equipment shortages took center stage. Though current events are quieter on the tariff situation, it stands to reason the extension passed again; nobody wants to see a supply chain hiccup during the holiday season. 


Somehow, our industry has been flying Mach 3 in a ravine, barely dodging certain death, and managing to maneuver through a three-year period of intense disruption. Granted, there are some dings on the plane, a few more worry lines on our faces, and a worldwide fascination and phobia over behemoth container ships and slender canal spaces, and our trade position with the rest of the world requires constant tweaking. 


Through it all, Edward J. Zarach & Associates has been your bulwark against the congestion and disruption of the pandemic. It reminded everyone that there is no substitute for expertise, longevity and a broad network of connections to handle supply chain issues. Zarach helps you navigate, knowing you have the protection of a team of experts in your toolbox. 


We search relentlessly for solutions to your most complicated cargo challenges and advocate tirelessly for the interests of our clients by encouraging them to make comments to the USTR when invited to weigh in. It’s our belief that a united team of passionate thought leaders at every level and in every facet have a responsibility to make our voices heard and apply pressure to ensure the voice of the shipper, forwarder, broker and all the parties involved are being heard.