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There are several factors that set forwarders apart from their competitors, and the most rapidly evolving factor is the technology we use each day. An investment in technology is critical for providing consistent service to our customers by increasing efficiency, value, transparency and visibility. By bolstering the infrastructure that supports our staff and empowers them to deploy their expertise to solve problems, we build a connection with our customers to create custom solutions that suit their specific cargo needs.  


Providing consistent service to our customers means ensuring that the information they’re receiving is timely, accurate and immediate as delays and changes can lead to trouble if left unexamined. Up-to-the-minute information can mitigate unforeseen problems with customs clearance, final mile delivery, and warehousing and inventory updates. Allowing our customers to plan for contingencies, and providing our staff with the ability to see the cargo journey in real time, separates our service from other forwarders. 


Efficiency and value work as measurable goals that our customers can see when they choose us. Being a data-driven business, we can pinpoint where our customers can save time and money throughout their supply chain. Whether you’re working with duty drawbacks, hazardous imports and exports, or complicated tariff situations, having an expert and advocate work for you sets your cargo apart from the competition. 


With record setting import levels hitting the US during the pandemic, the cargo community saw an e-commerce boom that drove shippers to reevaluate their inventory levels, lead times, and reach out to a logistics partner to handle the complicated distribution climate. Having at-a-glance confirmation on your warehouse and distribution status can allow retailers to respond quickly, order ahead of time, and plan their holiday sales season based on solid information and the assistance of our team. 


If you want to take a tour of the myriad ways we can improve your logistics plan by combining technology with a personal touch, contact your Edward J. Zarach & Associates representative.