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The USDA announced its new database “Agricultural Commodity Import Requirements” (ACIR) a search engine for finding and retrieving import regulations for agricultural commodities. Replacing the FAVIR (Fruit and Vegetable Import Requirements) database and the manuals, Cut Flowers and Greenery Manual, Seeds Not for Planting Manual, and Miscellaneous Processed Products Manual, ACIR will be the complete source for agricultural import information in one place.


The original information will remain available until the end of 2023, allowing users the ability to move to the new process before September 30, 2022 when the FAVIR is directed to the new ACIR page. On October 3, 2022 the manuals listed above will no longer be available, and users can access the ACIR training page to learn more about the new interface they should use. 


These updates are critical when we consider the danger that agricultural imports can bring to our shores. While it doesn’t seem to laypersons that these commodities are inherently dangerous, they can be deadly when improperly handled, fumigated, classified or inspected. The tiniest little pests can hitch a ride, innocently, from their home areas and wreak havoc on ecosystems as an invasive species if the proper procedures are not followed. We take extra precautions because we understand the delicate nature of agricultural shipments and how deeply our families depend on trade to feed ourselves. We don’t risk mistakes to make things easy. 


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