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Updating the HTS codes every 5 years, the World Customs Organization has begun updating it again this year. However, this did not take effect as originally planned on January 1 2022. Throughout 2021, there were signals indicating that the update would take effect on time. The likelihood of which diminished as December passed without the expected Presidential Proclamation 30 day notice in the Federal Register. 


The official confirmation of the delay was listed in the Customs Bulletin on December 17, 2021, stating that although it is still waiting on formal direction for this update, the Presidential Proclamation will be published in the Federal Register. Meanwhile, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will continue to use the current Harmonized Tariff Schedule, encouraging the trade community to do the same until further notice. 


However, on December 23, 2021 The White House issued a proclamation on modifying the HTS, but it wasn’t put in the federal register at that time, so the 30 day countdown to the change had not started. December 27, 2021 Changes to the US tariff schedule were put in place to take effect January 27, 2022. The Presidential Proclamation was scheduled for publication on December 27, 2021 in the Federal Register, updating on the next day (December 28, 2021), and will take place January 27, 2022, saying section 301 tariffs will apply to the new 2022 HTS numbers if applicable to the old 2021 HTS numbers. 


Despite the changes being pushed back several times, Edward J. Zarach and Associates will stay up to date with this issue, and keep you informed as we navigate these new HTS codes. We will take full advantage of our expertise and reliable employees to make sure that you will be assisted every step of the way. If you have any questions about the new HTS codes and what it means for your cargo, contact your Edward J. Zarach and Associates representative today and we’ll help you get your cargo moving.