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Congestion Migration Migraine
Worsening congestion at the east coast in North American container ports is driving up costs and furthering delays of getting goods to consumers, all to avoid gridlock on the west coast. But is it helping? Not by much.   Thirty-one ships anchored off the Port of Charleston on February 22 while another 13 were off...
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Rough Waters Ahead For Ocean Shipping
Ocean Shipping congestion continues unabated as the west coast sees nearly seventy ships waiting in the harbor for space. The delays correlate to approximately 11.5% of the global vessel capacity being taken out of the market by idle time waiting for berth. While the additional threat of escalating detention charges has helped clear some of...
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When historic rainfall hit British Columbia last month the weather wiped out roads and bridges, killed people and livestock, and forced evacuations as Vancouver became cut off from the outside due to flooding. Planning for contingencies is a critical part of any solid logistics plan, but even the most meticulous arrangements can fall to acts...
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Airport Congestion: All Flocked Up
Congestion is reaching out from the ocean to impact air cargo as the logistics industry stumbles under record imports and extreme equipment imbalances. When supply chains go topsy turvy, shippers who traditionally move cargo by ocean turn to air options to expedite the urgent inventory while the main shipments are delayed by congestion. If the...
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Supply and Demand
With the holidays rapidly approaching, the supply chains across the world are being bogged down with cargo to fulfill the demand that’s overloading the system. However, in Southern California at the Los Angeles and Long Beach California, it wasn’t the holidays that had them crunched for time and space. It was the merry month of...
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Tariffs take the lead
Tariffs are back in the news, arriving in a Delorean from 2018. In the sort of news we haven’t seen recently, United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai announced a public comment period to help determine whether to reinstate exclusions on 549 import categories from China. The comment period starts today and runs until December 1,...
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