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The logistics industry is a behemoth of different people, services, industries and networks, all working together to support every facet of international trade and the supply chain. Maintaining relationships, staying on top of emerging trends and technologies, and meeting the present and future thought leaders of our industry often takes us out of the office....
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Technology Success
There are several factors that set forwarders apart from their competitors, and the most rapidly evolving factor is the technology we use each day. An investment in technology is critical for providing consistent service to our customers by increasing efficiency, value, transparency and visibility. By bolstering the infrastructure that supports our staff and empowers them...
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No longer can the logistics industry dawdle in their adoption of technology and automation. With every new client, the need to disseminate information with accuracy and speed grows. While many of the stories of automation are focused on improvements made at ports and terminals, there should be a spotlight on which forwarders are working hard...
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